China’s enemy Philippines coming closer to India, another big deal may happen after BrahMos missile

By Pooja Bhardwaj February 13, 2024 1:36 PM IST

China's enemy Philippines is coming closer to India - India TV Hindi

Image Source : PTI
China’s enemy Philippines is coming closer to India

India Philippines Defense Deal: There is enmity between Philippines and China in the South China Sea. Philippines is our friend country. Philippines is a fan of our country’s dangerous BrahMos missile. The deal for BrahMos missile has already been done. Now going a step further, Philippines wants to make a bigger defense deal with India. After receiving BrahMos missile from Philippines, China is already in shock. Now China will also come under tension due to the big defense deal.

India and Philippines are going to further strengthen their bilateral cooperation. India is close to winning the contract for a major redevelopment project of Manila Airport. In recent months, both countries have paid significant attention to cooperation on defence. The deal for BrahMos anti-ship missile shows their growing partnership, which is a tension for China. Philippines had purchased BrahMos due to increasing tension with China. Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) in the Philippines is extremely important, but is currently one of the worst performing airports in the world.

Philippines wants to further strengthen its defense

The Philippines wants to upgrade it to reduce flight delays, relieve congestion and enhance facilities. According to reports, Philippines is going to give the contract for its development. According to the report, India’s GMR Group is at the forefront among the four private bidders. In August 2023, the Philippines launched bidding for a $3 billion redevelopment project to resolve NAIA’s operational issues.

The aim is to increase the annual passenger capacity

This airport is operating at 50 percent more than its capacity. It had previously faced two failed attempts to expand. The Manila Airport project aims to nearly double the annual passenger capacity to 62 million. Of the four international associations competing for this contract, three have been shortlisted.

BrahMos missile is the time of enemies

Earlier, a deal for BrahMos has been signed between Philippines and India to loosen China’s dominance in the South China Sea. Brahmos is the era of enemies. This is the reason why Indian forces themselves are accumulating stock of BrahMos to deal with China. The Philippines had signed a BrahMos missile agreement with India two years ago. Under this, India will get an amount of 375 million dollars from the Philippines. India is going to give 3 Battar anti-ship BrahMos missiles to the Philippines. It can be fired from air, ground and water.

Increasing tension between China and Philippines

Both India and the Philippines are struggling with China’s increasing aggression. The Philippines is America’s oldest ally and an agreement has also been signed between the two. Both India and the US are concerned about China’s growing military power and pressure on disputed areas in the South China Sea. At the same time, experts say that the Philippines wants to strengthen itself after increasing tensions with China in the South China Sea. In such a situation, BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles with a range of about 400 km will help the Philippines in protecting its maritime zone.

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