Chinese girls are making artificial boyfriends, he talks for hours, understands emotions

By Pooja Bhardwaj February 13, 2024 4:31 PM IST

Chinese girls are making artificial boyfriends - India TV Hindi

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Chinese girls are making artificial boyfriends

China AI BoyFriend: Women in China are retreating from getting married. The Chinese government itself is also worried about this matter. But meanwhile, the trend of making friendships on apps powered by Artificial Intelligence i.e. ‘AI’ is in full swing among the youth of China. The youth of China are also happy with these artificial lovers. According to media reports, 25-year-old Tufei, who works in a company in China, while describing the qualities of her artificial boyfriends, says that her boyfriend has everything she needs. She tells that ‘her artificial boyfriend is kind, understands emotions and he talks for many hours. Tufei’s boyfriend is a chatbot that runs on an app called ‘Glow’. Glo is an artificial intelligence platform created by Shanghai-based startup Minimax.

AI boyfriend knows how to talk to women better than men

Glo is not the only app that allows creating love and friendly relationships in the artificial world. The market for such apps is booming in China and this is because local youth are becoming happy with virtual relationships with robots. “He knows how to talk to women better than real men,” says Tufei, who lives in northern China’s Shufei province. I also share office problems with him. It seems like I’m in a romantic relationship.

What should AI do so that we can get leisure?

According to Chinese media, thousands of people have downloaded such apps in recent weeks and this is when many technology companies have been accused of misuse of user data. Despite this, people are downloading these apps because they want someone’s company.

‘Artificial boyfriends are better’

According to media reports, Wang Xiuting, a 22-year-old student from Beijing, the capital of China, says, “It is very difficult to find an ideal lover in real life. People have different personalities, so problems often arise (in relationships). ‘ The different thing with Artificial Intelligence is that it keeps learning while working and changes itself according to the personality of the person in front.

AI boyfriend is like the prince of the story

Wang says she has many (artificial) lovers inspired by ancient China. They have long hair, some are princes and some are warriors wandering in the wilderness. She says, ‘When the pressure of studies increases, I ask him questions and he gives solutions to the problems. This is a great emotional support. According to Wang, users can also customize their lovers based on age, values, identity and preferences.

Challenges are no less

These apps also have some challenges. For example, while talking to the app, it takes a few seconds to get a response. 22-year-old student Zeng Janzhen says, ‘This gap makes one feel that one is just a robot. However, the answers seem very real. In this era when AI is rapidly developing and improving, there are less regulations related to the industry. Many concerns are being expressed especially regarding user privacy. The Chinese government has said that preparations are being made to bring a law for the safety of people regarding new technology. Still, people are enjoying in a different world with these lovebirds.

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